Day 7: Hasta Mudra to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Memory – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

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kalesvara mudra for reducing anxiety and increasing memory

If you know me well, you’ll know that one of my favorite practices is working with hasta mudras. These are hand postures that heal the body. (Full explanation below)

This photo is the Kalesvara Mudra. This mudra allows you to shape and control the mind. It’s primary benefit is to calm anxieties, but it is also known to heal addictions or unwanted character traits. It also enhances memory and concentration. As when practicing all mudras, it helps to set a positive intention at the onset or during the time practicing the mudra.

How to form the mudra: The pads of the middle fingers touch each other and extend, as do the pads of the thumbs. Curl the index, ring and pinky fingers in towards the palm of the hand and connect these fingers from the joint to the tips. Point the thumbs towards your chest with your elbows out…

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TV victory as lotto cash goes towards arts centre

Wish came true on television last night for the people behind a vision to rejuvenate the Kings Hall. Funding for the Bay Arts & Cultural Centre in Beacon Hill has now been secured after the project scooped its share of this year’s People’s Millions, supported by the Big Lottery Fund. ITV Meridian reporter Andrew Pate dropped in to surprise campaign supporters at the Kings Hall on Wednesday morning and present them with a cheque for £49,970. Supported by the Herne Bay Improvement & Conservation Trust, Canterbury College and Herne Bay Junior School, the project will transform the Edwardian foyer into a permanent exhibition space for local community groups, artists and performers. The money will pay for building materials, with labor carried out by construction and design students at Canterbury College. The project went head-to-head with a bid to restore a community walled garden in Hastings. Both were presented on Meridian News on Tuesday night, before phone lines were opened to the public to vote for their favorite. Doreen Stone from the Improvement & Conservation Trust was overwhelmed by the news. She said: “It’s absolutely wonderful news and we’re so grateful for all the people who have come together on this and more importantly, picked up the phone and voted for us.  “We desperately needed this money for the building materials and we’re so delighted to have got hold of it.  “The college students will benefit through having work experience and gaining qualifications and once complete this space will give a chance to so many people to exhibit their work and feel part of the community.” Trust chairman Willie Cooper was equally gobsmacked by the announcement. She said: “Lots of people have come together to make this happen and I’m so pleased that friends from the likes of the Canterbury Festival, city council and the universities have voted for us. “This is such an ideal space in which to open an exhibition area. It’s big and accessible and such a great asset for Herne Bay to give back to its community.”

Herne Bay Times, 25th Nov 2010